Dear Interim-Boss-Who-Thought-He-Was-Getting-Out-of-That-Gig:

Asking me in JULY if I will do two tasks that must be performed in OCTOBER and NOVEMBER respectively?  Tasks that my now-retired-boss used to do?  That tells me that you aren’t going to have our vacancy filled by then.  You’ve had three months lead time plus three more before the work needs to be done; one task can’t even begin until after October 1, and the other until November 1.  

Six months isn’t enough time?  Really?

Also, when I say we feel adrift and rudderless, I’m not talking about just my office.  I’m talking about the entire program nationally.  You are underestimating the daily contact retired-boss had with EVERYONE.

I am NOT going to be backed into her job.  It’s not a matter of capability; I figured I’d be training the new person on how to do those tasks.  It’s a matter of desire.


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