Target’s marketing and floor layout is supremely successful. I walked in with a list made of five items and left with ~20. All of them are things I’ll use so it’s not as if the money is wasted. But it was unplanned.

I bought a red shower curtain with a circular pattern that seems kinda retro. And I love it, despite not matching the black & white going on in the rest if the room.

So easily pleased.



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  1. LOL! The red will give you a pop of color…or so an interior designer would say.
    I so know what you mean, though. That happens to me every damn time I go there.
    P.S. How’d you get the cool captcha box on your posts? I desperately want to get rid of the spammers on my public LJ.

    • It’s an option under the user profile or settings. It has cut down on the spam a lot. I’m still getting some – most in Cyrillic and Hebrew – but probably the onl way to avoid it entirely is to make comments possible from friends or LJ users only.

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