RWA + Harry Potter in ebooks

+  Which authors am I going to look for at the RWA literacy signing next Tuesday night?  I haven’t decided.  K.A. Mitchell is on the list, because I want a signed copy of No Souvenirs.  And maybe Courtney Milan and Jeannie Lin…suggestions? recommendations?

+  I’m pretty much over the Harry Potter books, although I am interested in seeing the last movie.  The Pottermore website?  Eh.  But.  I would consider buying a copy of Goblet of Fire and maybe Order of the Phoenix (my favorite books in the series) if they are going to be available DRM-free.



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7 responses to “RWA + Harry Potter in ebooks

  1. I’ll be in disguise as Ellen Connor if you want to say hi 🙂

    • How’s that going to work? No Carrie Lofty books, just Ellen Connor’s debut?

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, my last two Carrie Lofty releases have been e-only thru Carina, with my first Pocket paperback, Flawless, not coming out until Sept. So I’m posing as Ellen this year 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    I’d somehow be suprised if they’re DRM free: I’m just hoping that they’re available for any reader. Sony seemed mentioned rather often in the press release. I like my Sony Reader better, but I use my Kindle more often.
    I’ll buy them if they’re priced to sell, I suppose. I am, however, really glad she’s made the decision to epublish.
    My middle daughter (17) was excited about the mysterious announcement – then disappointed: she was hoping for A New Book.
    Marianne McA

    • Hi, Marianne McA.
      I’ve wondered vaguely about other Potter books, but feel like anything else would be anticlimactic. Although I am interested, in a remote sort of way, in see what might happen in/when Rowling published anything non-Potter or non-fantasy.
      Well, if not DRM-free, then in multiple formats for any reader, I hope, as you say. Releasing through Sony only seems like it would limit the potential market.

  3. Anonymous

    Susanna Kearsley, Marjorie Liu, Janet Mullany, Kathleen O’Reilly, Caridad Pineiro, Sherry Thomas, Victoria Janssen, and Laura Joh Rowland. Oh, Wayne Jordan for sure. He’s one of the only two male romance authors for HQN’s Kimani Romance. He’d probably call in security because I’d turn up with a questionnaire to find out what it’s like to be a male romance author. 😀
    Meljean Brook won’t be at the signing, I think, but she’ll be around somewhere. Look out for a tall, geeky-looking redhead (her description, not mine).

    • Oh, those are good suggestions, Maili 🙂
      I’m only going to be at the signing, not the rest of RWA, so I’ll miss Meljean Brook. I thought she was doing something with trading cards, no? Must go check her website.

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