It seemed like a good idea at the time

–  Red velvet cake is excellent.  But a special edition red velvet cake ice cream?  Eh, not so much.  I should stick to regular flavors like chocolate and vanilla, because the special edition stuff (except for maybe the Edy’s Thin Mint chocolate ice cream) is less than satisfactory.

+  The BioChemist sent me a link to these and I was supposed to discourage her from buying them.  And now I’ve bought a pair.  Self-control, I have none.
–  The cold/whatever that began nearly two weeks ago had nearly died out, but has flared up again and moved from my nose to my throat.  Fortunately the fever only came back for a day or so over the holiday weekend, when I could easily take long naps.

+  Happy birthday wishes, early, to  !  Have fun at the Panic! show! 

~  The Nadal/Murray match is tomorrow at 8am EST.  I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get much done as I try to listen to it and do work that keeps me in the office rather than out and about.



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3 responses to “It seemed like a good idea at the time

  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes and the gift on my LJ profile!
    I love red velvet cake, but my problem with it is that I always end up looking like a murderer after I make it because the red always ends up on my fingers/hands and it DOESN’T COME OFF!

    • I like to eat red velvet cake but have never made it. Aside from the red dye problem, is it hard to make?
      I’m glad you had a good bday!

      • It’s actually super easy to make. It’s one that I make from scratch, even though the duncan hines box mix isn’t too bad. (I tend to cheat and make cake from a box mix, but red velvet, lemon pound cake, and chocolate chip cake are the main exceptions)

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