pressing the back button as fast as I can

Dear Fandom:

Please stop having characters who are blue collar Americans in canon use British English words and phrases.  

Fringe is not an American usage for bangs.  
Americans use wrenches, not spanners.
Generally we use cellphones rather than mobiles, and men don’t wear Y-fronts. (Well, they might, but they call them something else.)
BrE and AmE treat "got" and "gotten" differently in the past tense.
Unless you are writing an AU, it kills the story.  If you can’t get the foundation right, why should I waste time on whatever you’re building on top of that?
Also, blonde is a feminine adjective; blond(e) is one of the very few adjectives in English that retains a gender variation.  Please to be paying attention.
Except, wait, there are also apparently problems understanding the difference between plural and possessive.  
Please get a beta. 


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4 responses to “pressing the back button as fast as I can

  1. Also, they don’t wear braces or trainers or jumpers (unless it’s a small child), and they don’t take lifts or put things in the boot.
    Totally unrelated: I heard someone in a formal interview on the radio (maybe on NPR?) said they wanted to see “where they were at”. DEAR NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER: DO NOT END YOUR SENTENCE WITH A PREPOSITION. Where you ARE is fine without an “at” tacked at the end.

    • Spoken at ending a sentence drives me crazy, because it seems useless. With or from at the end I can forgive. But in a big interview? No. In writing? No.
      Yes re trainers and braces!

  2. Y-fronts makes me think of Are You Being Served?. Veddy, veddy British thing, y-fronts.

    • Exactly! Other fandoms (ex: Harry Potter) seem to pay much more attention to that kind of thing.
      I’m sorry, but Danny from Hawaii 50 would NOT rent a flat. He’s from New Jersey. It’s a huge part of his character. He wouldn’t just pop out in Brit-speak with Steve.

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