uh, what?

~  Fandom, why are you making me read George R.R. Martin?  I had managed to *not* pick up the behemoth books he writes.  But no, tumbleblogs and fic writers I follow are writing AUs and crossovers, so I must read Game of Thrones and understand the north wall and the appeal of Jon Snow.

~  WTAF, Hawaii 50 writers?  That season finale was a hot mess.  Steve arrested and broken hearted?  Danno maybe going back to New Jersey with his pregnant ex?  Kono arrested and Chin off being disloyal, which is totally contrary to his Hufflepuffish character?  The only thing that might explain this is an opening sequence next season a la Dallas in which it turns out that the entire episode was just a dream or nightmare induced by too many malasadas and Longboards.

~  Another romance blogger has posted a review of an urban fantasy novel that confuses me.  It’s urban fantasy: the relationship is not the focus, and complaining about the protagonist getting her HFN midway through the series arc implies (to me) a lack of understanding of genre differences.  The series arc isn’t about the relationship, it’s about the larger conflict.  Asking what more can happen between them and lamenting the lack of tension now that the question of their relationship has been resolved makes me wonder what genre the reader/reviewer thought the book/series was.

~  It’s months off, but I’m torturing myself, trying to decide if I want to go stay in Barcelona for a week, or if I want to rent a car and drive around the south, maybe stay in Granada and do day trips or just do a big, looping, coastal tour.  As much as I want to go north and do the camino de Santiago, that’s a spring/summer trip, not a middle of winter trip.


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  1. Anonymous

    Alternately, I am SO happy when urban fantasies don’t use the relationship to draw the tension out. Love having a HFN early in the story arc so I can enjoy the relationship and get the tension from different conflict. And I hate it when half the tension or more comes from “which dude will she choose?”

    • I tend to prefer shorter relationship arcs in urban fantasy as well, in terms of the early courtship. The review perplexed me a little, in part because (although I haven’t read the book yet) it seems to me that although the couple is “settled” in some senses, the tension between their roles and powers is obviously going to be a continuing negotiation. Fortunately, none of the tension was of the “which dude” sort. The review was generally positive and ended with a recommendation, but the amount of attention paid to the HFN seemed disproportionate given the clear genre label.

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