a steady diet of sodapop

So…how was your Easter/Pascal weekend?

Mine was *fine*. I have no religion, so I didn’t realize when I booked tickets to New York that it was a holiday weekend. Eh.

Good theater:

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. A good adaptation of the original film.

The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with the a Key to the Scriptures. Uh, this play really enjoyed showing how smart its characters were. It could use some editing IMO…although it’s not as if I’m a learned theater critic, so what do I know? The story is centered around a Clinton family who gather to discuss their father’s future: he wants to commit suicide, and has attempted it once before. All families are screwed up, and this one seems like a hot mess. Infidelity, money problems, mommy and daddy issues, etc. The cast is excellent and they give some amazing performances. The father was a little too much for me, and the introspection and angst could’ve been cut some, but still pretty good.

Avenue Q. Apparently we’re all a little bit racist. And the Internet is for porn.

American Idiot. The final show. I think I’ve said before that I like Van Hughes’ Johnny better than John Gallagher Jr’s. The new Will’s voice is stronger than Will Esper’s, but he kind of freaked me out with his huge eyes and intensity, which didn’t really suit stoner/loser Will’s lackadaisical attitude. New Tunny’s voice blended well with Van’s. His tattoos were a little different too. And Gerard Canonico rocked the kettle drums in "Whatsername". And then. Then a Green Day concert broke out. They played for an hour, and all the cast joined them on stage, including most of the original cast who’ve already moved on. (Stark Sands, please lose the flannel; hipster fashion needs to let go of it.)

ETA:  how did I never notice Gerard Canonico and Alysha Humphress shotgunning during Jesus of Suburbia?  And I missed the old Favorite Son’s pull ups as he slides out the window for his song, although the new Favorite Son’s pec dance clearly pleased the crowd.  And Bust magazine was what Heather packed into her diaper bag during Too Much Too Soon?  Cool. And finally, I know what was written on all the pink flyers Whatsername tossed:  LOVE HAPPENED HERE.


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