Pretty stuff for the kitchen

I’ve mentioned before that my kitchen is not particularly well-equipped. This does not distress me. But I still oooh and aaah over kitchen accessories, like this selection of butter yellow gadgets featured by Metrocurean.

I don’t need a butter dish, yet I’m tempted by the color. Same for the baking dishes.



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6 responses to “Pretty stuff for the kitchen

  1. That butter dish is the color of butter. Mmmmm.

  2. So pretty! And isn’t your teapot yellow?

    • I’ve resisted temptation by telling myself that the yellow of the tea pot is brighter/bolder than the yellow of the butter dish. But that may stop working soon. Even though I don’t actually *need* a butter dish.

  3. Anonymous

    I love it! I really like the baking dishes. In our home we mix colours (I thought we mixed more than we did) as we have a navy blue toaster and Kitchen Aid Mixer (I think I’ve used it once in 10 years), a new red Cruset(sorry can’t remember spelling) ceramic pot and another burgandy pot.
    So red and blue seem to be the theme but I would love to add lime green and yellow to the mix. Just for fun!
    And the yellow butter dish would look fab on the counter – and it’ll never get dirty!

    • I always admire Le Cruset (?) dutch ovens. But I would never use it, so I never get anywhere near the point of buying one.
      Yeah, I’m probably going to buckle and buy the butter dish.

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