Hotel charges

I’m looking at hotels for a trip that’s several months away. There’s a luxury hotel (the high end offering of a chain) that lists a bunch of amenities like wireless internet, fitness center, whirlpool, hot spa, etc., as part of the basic package for an overnight stay. But then when you look at their rates, as you’ve selected the type of room you need, you see that there is a $27 charge PER DAY for those amenities…even if you don’t use them.

Okay. Um, no.

The budget hotel owned by the same chain offers wireless interest, a fitness center (not as well-equipped, I’m sure), and whirlpool, but does not add surcharge.

Maybe people who are typical customers of luxury hotels don’t notice “little” surcharges like that? It would work out to just under $200 for the trip I’m planning, so it’s definitely noticeable to me.

Unrelated: chocolate covered marzipan hearts are my favorite.


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