Today’s mish mash

+  Green Day’s "Awesome as ****" live album lives up to the title and is awesome as….  I’ve got the new Soundgarden and Panic! albums to listen to, too, now, based on The Biochemist’s recommendations.  Tuesday really was Super Tuesday in terms of music releases, wasn’t it?

+  The US-Spain Davis Cup tie will be played in Austin!  Road trip!  Tickets go on sale April 4th.  As soon as prices and availability are released, I’ll be number crunching the budget to see how much PBJ I’ll be eating to go 🙂

+  Dear Big Name NY Pubbed Romance Author:  what the hell is "desert-style zero-scaping"?  Do you mean xeriscaping?  

+  RIP Elizabeth Taylor.  I didn’t really *get* you as an actress, but I appreciated your Hollywood Grande Dame status and your AIDS charity work.  Your jewelry was pretty cool, too.

+  Galley Cat linked to this essay about being a book hoarder, which makes me stop and take stock.  Because I do have a hard time letting go of any book once it has made its way onto a shelf in my home or office.  Except maybe statutory supplements that are updated annually, it’s easy to dump them in the office library’s recycling bin.

+  It’s ridiculous how appreciation for a particular actor will make you watch a television show that is otherwise not to your taste.  For instance, I try to watch Mr. Sunshine sometimes because I  ♥  Allison Janey.  

+  I’ve now given up Chick-Fil-A’s sweet tea and waffle fries because of this. (Courtesy of @redrobinreader, after I mentioned that I liked the tea but not the non-stop christian pop.) They were my "errands done" reward.  CFA won’t miss the little bit of revenue I put in their pockets nearly as much as I’ll miss the sweet tea (why do so few places serve it and even fewer make it right?), I’m sure.

+  Daffodils are blooming everywhere.  Which means spring is here.  But is also awesome just because daffodils are such happy, cheerful flowers.



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5 responses to “Today’s mish mash

  1. We have a row full of daffodils in our backyard that sprung up out of nowhere; it’s really strange. My cousin lived in this house for 10 years and let the yard go all to heck, including the gardens, so I’m surprised anything out there is still alive. But they are very pretty.
    I make my own sweet tea because I like it sweet. Like, sugar water sweet.

    • I kill plants, even when I have the best of intentions. It makes me kind of sad. The safest things for window boxes or pots in my yard are ivy and mint, since they are very hard to kill and can take 8+ hours of direct sunlight in the summer.
      Re the wild yard, I think bulbs will last forever, unless you get some sort of fungus in them.
      I very rarely make sweet tea at home, mostly because if I make a pitcher, it’ll be stale before I get to the bottom of it. There’s a bbq place around the corner that serves it, but the last couple times I tried it, it was sour.

      • The running joke in our family is that my mom and I have black thumbs and we could kill plastic plants. The only thing my mom ever kept alive was a cactus. I had a spider plant for a while, lol. But my dad and my brothers can make anything grow, it’s pretty amazing. My dad’s a jack-of-all-trades kind of person so he does landscaping for a lot of people and is going to do our yard.
        We go through at least a gallon of tea a day at home, but there are 6 of us, not counting the baby.

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t think B&N sells bags generally, other than the occasional tote bag with a book-related quote. That one was part of a display of recycled things, notebooks made of recycled paper and the like. I’ve seen similar bags elsewhere (the M&M store in Times Square has clutches woven from M&M wrappers), too. But I really just liked the colors — it’s so bright and happy.
    Like you, I have a huge bag collection. Nothing really expensive, but a ridiculous number of tote bags and shoulder bags, laptop bags, brief cases, etc. I’ve given myself a moratorium. But I still covet them.
    The idea of a cat in a Birkin makes me cringe. I’m pretty sure the interior would never smell the same if it were my cat — she deals with stress by peeing. Ick.

  3. Anonymous

    One of my hobbies is visiting baseball parks. I’ve seen the Orioles at home (actually, your stadium is my favorite excepting my home stadium) and tons on the road. I seem to have some kind of knack for visiting a park when they are hosting the Orioles. Anyway, I’ve never seen the Orioles lose live. Maybe they should hire me or something as part of the team strategy. 🙂

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