My passport has expired.  I’ve got the application for a new one and just need to get the standard photos taken.  Which is fine, I just keep forgetting.  Well, not really, I just hate having my picture taken.  Although I can’t imagine that however the new photo turns out that it could be any worse than the old photo.  Anyway, I’m not in a rush to renew it, since I don’t have any international trips planned for this year.

Today one of my colleagues asked me if I have any exciting new travels planned.  For a moment I was all "huh?"  Do I travel a lot?  I don’t think so, since I’d like to travel more.  But maybe comparatively it seems like I do?   


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3 responses to “Wanderlust?

  1. Anonymous

    I’m such a luddite — what the heck is tumblr?

  2. Anonymous

    Come to Australia.

    • Australia is on the list! I was looking at airfare the other day, and DC to Sydney or Melbourne was a shock. Had thought maybe in Jan 2012, but am not sure I’ll have enough $ or leave saved by then, so it’s been pushed back.

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