Cranky pants

I shoveled snow today.  It wasn’t a lot, so I shouldn’t complain.  But it was on my scheduled day off, and the roads were a mess and schools and offices and businesses were all screwed up as a result of the ice/snow.  So all my plans were re-arranged, which makes me irritated.  I like to stick to the schedule, people!

Read Treachery in Death last night, finishing it this morning.  Liked it a lot, much better than the last In Death.  Very focused on the police procedural aspect and the mystery, less focus on the personal relationships.  Although they are very important to the plot, that sort of backs into the procedural piece.  However.  HOWEVER.  If JD Robb/Nora Roberts doesn’t get the fine tooth comb treatment from her editors — a woman who makes her publisher POTS OF MONEY — then I would be shocked.  But still there are stupid errors like a case being referred to at different points as the Geraldi case and the Giraldi case.  At hardcover prices and with a big name author, I expect better than that from the editorial department.

The Goofy Cat keeps getting up on the kitchen table.  I’ve tried putting things on the table to block her — nope, I come home and find them on the floor.  I’ve removed the table cloth, thinking she liked the texture.  Doesn’t matter, she’ll lay on the bare table.  Whenever I see her or hear her on it, I race into the kitchen and pick her up, tapping her nose and putting her down.  Nothing seems to make a difference.

My favorite khaki pants have gone missing.  They aren’t in the closet or the laundry basket or at the cleaner’s.  I was sure I dropped them at the cleaner’s but Su says no.  It’s not like I could take them off and misplace them.  They must have been sucked into an alternate universe with all the odd socks and earrings that I can’t find.

Bought a copy of Where the Wild Things Are today.  I have a copy already, but for the life of me could NOT find it.  (Maybe it’s with the khaki pants?)  I figure now that I’ve bought another copy, my original copy will surface.



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4 responses to “Cranky pants

  1. Anonymous

    Have you tried water?
    Cats generally dislike water. We always kept a spray bottle of it around and shot at the cat whenever she (invariably a she in my family) got somewhere she shouldn’t. It mostly worked, especially when we left very wet things (towels soaked in water) lying around on the surfaces the cat was obsessed with.
    Anyway, it’s an idea.
    Also: stop watching the “news”. It will drive you to suicide.

    • Re: Have you tried water?
      Hiya, Beth.
      The squirt bottle used to inspire fear, but not so much anymore. I’ll try the wet towels on the table, thanks for the suggestion.
      I have a love/hate relationship with the news. I stop watching it because all that’s on is banal puff pieces, but then I miss something important and start watching again.

  2. I was going to suggest a water gun myself — of course, then you have to wipe up water.
    It’s reading stuff like this that makes me glad I have dogs that are too big to get on anything (well, Xander likes to sleep on K’s chair during the day and get up on the bed with me on days I WFH, but otherwise…).
    I’ll never forget when we did have a cat, and I was home recovering from major ear surgery, and the contrary beastie jumped off the top of the fridge onto my shoulder *on the side of my “bad” ear*, scaring the crap out of me and knocking me down, since my balance was non-existent.
    And yes, what is with books these days? I seriously think editors at all levels are being laid off as a cost-saving measure or they’re being replaced by drunken monkeys, b/c I’m finding so many more typos in my books. 😦
    Your pants and book are probably off partying with my A-line dress jacket, which I lost years ago, and still miss.

    • I don’t know why she’s doing this NOW. She’s 13 years old, but only started doing it in August. Kitty Alzheimer’s maybe? Thanks for the water gun suggestion; a squirt bottle placed strategically used to inspire fear, but I think she realized that in order to actually get her wet, it would have to be in my hand.

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