*pokes at my LJ*

I’ve spent most of this week doped up on DayQuil and NyQuil.  When I’m not a zombie going through the motions of work, I’m falling asleep on the couch or the train or wherever I sit down for more than a few minutes at a time.

My pretty new tea pot arrived today.  It’s a sunshiny yellow, which I love.

New books to be read, if I ever finish Medicus, are waiting on my night stand:  Carla Kelly’s new book, which appears to be generating some controversy among her fans since it is a departure from trad Regencies, and a f/f book set in the surf culture in Hawaii.  The second book I bought only because when I opened to a random page, the characters were talking about Nora Roberts.  Which entertained me.

Medicus is well-written, and interests me as I read it, but I don’t feel really compelled to keep reading.  You know how sometimes it’s hard to put a book down, you have to know what comes next?  I don’t feel that way.  There’s no urgency.  And the mystery feels remote, not central to the story.  Which is maybe the author’s intent, I’m not sure how this book is classified, as a mystery or just historical fiction.  

Or my ennui could be a function of the cough medicine.



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14 responses to “*pokes at my LJ*

  1. Anonymous

    Get better! I can only do the Quils for 2 days so I can’t imagine how you’re getting through. And yeah, I’m betting the med head is giving you a bunch of reasons to not want to do anything.
    I love your yellow Tea Pot. In our house we have a blue KitchenAid mixer, two red cuisinart (damn they are heavy and I have never used them) pots and a cobalt blue toaster that was a small fortune. Hubby loves color because he is colour blind so when he sees colour he is very excited. And now thinking on it, I don’t believe I have anything yellow and I must remedy that as soon as the budget allows!
    Oh and our every day table ware is Denby Harlequin – red/green/blue dishes and everything. It’s discontinued now and there are plenty of knock offs but we were so ahead of our time 15 years ago when we picked it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Anonymous

    That’s my tea pot! I have the sunshiney yellow one, too! I bought a soothing blue and a cheery yellow, and we used to have tea breaks at my old-old job with the peeps, but when I left I took one with me because I needed a tea pot at home. I naturally bequeathed them the blue and took the yellow because I couldn’t live without its happy presence in my life.
    Hey, where did you order it from? I can’t remember where I ordered mine, and I’d like to get another as a gift for someone.

  3. Anonymous

    How you feel about Medicus –that’s how I feel about Edith Wharton books. When I’m sick, I reread books.
    Our book failed to grip, eh?
    So this new Kelly is a western? She’s written them before, sez wikipedia.

    • I haven’t read your new book yet, it’s still TBR.
      Yes, a western, which is fine — I loved her Here’s to the Ladies. But this one is published by an LDS press, and is purportedly a little bit of a departure from her most recent Regencies. Kelly has written about it and fan reactions on her blog.

  4. New Kelly? The Admiral one?

  5. Hope you feel better soon!
    Please give me a report on the tea pot. I’ve been looking for one for ages. I was about to order one a few months back, and the place was out of stock, then up and went out of business.

  6. I just got a new teapot as well and I am so in love with it! Mine is Bee House and I am currently drinking tea non-stop just to spend time with the new teapot. ๐Ÿ™‚

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