Discipline problems

Dear Cat:

You are trying my patience.  I do not appreciate the counter walking or the table sitting.  

And the butter I had out on the counter so it could come to room temperature for use in baking?  Really did not need to be batted onto the floor in your effort to get to it.  Frankly, licking butter is not good for little cats.

We’re both going to be sorry if you do that again.




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3 responses to “Discipline problems

  1. Anonymous

    Just be thankful your cat hasn’t decided to bat your toothbrush to the floor every chance she gets, as mine has. I’ve replaced it 3 times this past week, still have no idea how she’s getting to it.
    I thought sometimes butter was good for cats… for furballs, I think? Maybe that’s why yours is feeling the need to go for it?

      • It could be for furballs, although the vet gave me a paste that I force her to eat periodically that helps with those. I just assumed it was a combination of liking nearly any type of regular food, especially dairy, and acting out because she doesn’t like the medicine the vet put her on, which I have to force her to take daily. [That sounds a little pet psychologist-y, doesn’t it?]

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