AAR Top 100 (41-50)

Will I ever reach the end of this list?  Sooner or later…

41.  The Secret Pearl by Mary Balogh
European historical (trad Regency?) published in 1991.
Am pretty sure I’ve read this one, but am not sure if it is the one with the prostitute heroine or the governess heroine.  Obviously not a favorite.

42.  Match Me If You Can by SEP
Contemporary published in 2005.
Written version of Jerry McGuire, liked the secondary characters and interactions but wasn’t sold on the hero.

43.  Kiss an Angel by SEP
Contemporary published in 1996.
Haven’t read it, not likely to read it.

44.  The Serpent Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt
European historical published in 2007.
Am pretty sure I’ve read this one, and enjoyed it as I read even if it wasn’t a keeper.

45.  Perfect by Judith McNaught
Contemporary published in 1993
Is this the one with the actor/ex-con on the run?  Or am I getting her contemporaries confused?

46.  Ravish by Amanda Quick
European historical published in 1992
I know that I used to read Quick’s historicals, so I’ve probably read this one.

47.  Dream Man by Linda Howard
Romantic suspense published in 1995
Liked this one despite qualms about the manipulation/use of the heroine by the hero, although it’s not my favorite Howard (that would be Now You See Her).

48.  As You Desire by Connie Brockway
European historical published in 1997
May have read this one, not entirely sure.

49.  Private Arrangements by Sherry Thomas
European historical published in 2008
Debut novel, beautifully written but was not engaged by plot or characters.

50.  See Jane Score by Rachel Gibson
Contemporary ublished in 2003.
Fast, fun read, but not a keeper.  Felt derivative of her earlier hockey books.

So, this section of the poll results is mostly ~meh~ for me or unread. 

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