My kingdom for a horse

+ Have I ever mentioned that my favorite of Shakespeare’s plays are Much Ado About Nothing and Richard III?  Yesterday I received a notice that Richard III is going to be playing at The Old Vic next summer, and presale tickets are available beginning in January to friends/members.  I don’t have the cash to spare for that, but I would so love to see Kevin Spacey as Richard.

+ The holiday shopping is finished but for a stop at the chocolate shop.  Now to address cards and bake.  But that’s for tomorrow and next weekend.  Must grocery shop in preparation for the baking.  And go to the post office for stamps and to drop a package.

+ More holiday greeting cards in the mail today.  I learned that some of my friends from college never learned to distinguish between plural and possessive, as demonstrated in the return address label, which lists their family name as "The Friend’s" rather than "The Friends".  I would cringe, except I don’t think they realize the error.

+ When is The King’s Speech going into wider release?  Would love to see it.



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