Billy Elliot on Broadway

The music and dance in this play were ridiculously good, especially when you consider that the show is carried by a boy who is maybe 12-13 years old.  (Actually, there are three or four boys who alternate playing Billy, and the one on Sunday afternoon was excellent.)  Also on the plus side was the set design.  

The dream/practice sequence in which young Billy dances to Swan Lake with other Billy was utterly beautiful.  

I don’t remember Billy’s friend Michael being a cross-dresser in the movie, but the scene in which they try on Michael’s sister’s clothes (and in which Michael says his dad wears his mum’s clothes, too, so cross-dressing wasn’t as poof-ish as ballet) was funny and the song that scene is set to about expressing your individuality was quite good IMO.

The only real con for me was that the adaptation to stage remained set in Durham county, and most of the actors could not hold onto a consistent north country accent to save their lives. 

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