It’s Monday, and thus time for SBD.  But I’ve got nothing.  Spent all day talking — doing training for new employees.  My voice is gone and my feet hurt.  So instead of the SBD, my dear readers (all 2 of you) get a whine.

And a plug — K.A. Mitchell’s Not Knowing Jack is out tomorrow!  So I’ll have something for SBD next week.

And now I’m off to drink wine and eat chocolate.  Or maybe just to lapse into an exhausted sleep. 



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3 responses to “SBD?

  1. Anonymous

    lol – all 2 readers, puh-lease šŸ˜‰
    Exhausted sleep feels like a theme around our house.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh, oh!!
    I have finally found something that drives me crazy but now I have to know I’m right. Why? Because when I asked Bob he was all wrong until I explained and then he was all ‘yeah, you’re right’.
    I’m loosing patience with you.
    To me, this doesn’t mean anything.
    I’m losing patience with you.
    There is a loss here. I’ve seen the ‘loosing’ thing a few times and just now saw it on a message board and I’m freakin’ LOSING it!!
    Or am I?

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