Post holiday hangover

I’m home from Houston.  I always hate leaving and wish Maryland was closer.  TBC and I clung for much of the weekend, when we weren’t being complete gluttons.  [Between TBC, TC and me, we ate a birthday cake, a pie and a tart in four days.  We had some help, but most of it was all us.  It was delicious and also ridiculous.]

Despite all the TSA hysteria, I was neither patted down nor scanned, and the security lines were short.  Flights were full, even the 7am flight on Thanksgiving day.

Harry Potter 7.1:  pretty good, if you keep in mind that it’s really only half a movie.  Is Warner Bros going to re-release it just before HP 7.2 airs, so viewers can be refreshed going into the final installment?

Japaneiro’s continues to be a purveyor of excellent sushi.  The mojitos are good, as well.

Read a NetGalley eARC, which could be an SBD post, but only if I get organized tonight, which may not happen.

Coolest birthday gift:  the new annotated Pride & Prejudice.  It is lovely as an object, without even getting into content.

I pretty much agree with the Guardian’s take on the Wikileaks of the diplomatic cables.

And if you’ve read Junger’s War, you might be interested in watching his documentary (with Tim Hetherington), Restrepo, which airs at 9pm EST tonight. 

Back to work tomorrow.  I didn’t miss it all.  



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2 responses to “Post holiday hangover

  1. Anonymous

    HP 7a is the first full-length movie I’ve ever seen that had NO backstory, NO hint about what went on the past. If you hadn’t read the books or seen the movies, you’d be entirely WTF, which is sort of cool because I don’t think that’s true of any movie before. Even the old series (like Tom Mix) had a little “here’s what happened” preview.
    It makes the movie a whole new …. genre? form? whatever.
    kate r

    • Yeah, I probably should’ve mentioned that? When I talked with a coworker about it today (someone who hasn’t read the books), she asked if it was something she could take her grandson (who knows the books) to see, and I said he’d be fine but if she hadn’t read the books, she’d be sitting there confused for 2.5 hours, because there is no introduction, just bam! into the action (such as it was).

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