Because I’m feeling all post-y today

Learned yesterday that one of my colleagues, whom I respect a great deal and love to work with, is also a Jane Austen fan.  Bonding over Persuasion and mutual disgust of the Austen/zombie mashups.  My crush grew by leaps and bounds.

USAirways was taunting me with low airfares to London again.  Can’t go in November or December due to scheduling.  January?  February?  But I’d sort of tentatively planned to go to Indian Wells in March and I can’t do both.  Major wibbling occurred.  Airfare booked for California now, though, so no more wibbling.

Going to be in NY in early December for work.  Trying to decide what theater to see.  Would love to see Pacino in The Merchant of Venice but tickets/seats are ridiculously expensive.  Billy Elliot, maybe?  La Bete?  Or Avenue Q, since I didn’t see it last time?  Am leaning toward BE and AQ, since will be there for a few nights.

The icon?  Not at all relevant, I just like it.

Next up to read:  the new Summer Devon/Bonnie Dee book.  And The Vespertine, a YA book.  And some Kindle samples.  Anyone reading something that they love and would recommend?



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9 responses to “Because I’m feeling all post-y today

  1. A MADNESS OF ANGELS by Kate Griffin.

  2. Billy Elliot is incredible. Truly amazing. I saw Dustin Hoffman in A Merchant of Venice, many years ago. Also brilliant. Loved SD/BD’s new one. Really fun.

    • Thanks for the Billy Elliot opinion. I loved the movie but was wondering about the stage adaptation. Or did it begin as a play?
      Will you review the SD/BD book?

      • The stage adaptation (I saw in Durham) was amazing. I’ve seen an adaptation of The Full Monty updated and transfered to Pittsburgh, but for Billy Elliot, they leave it in 1980s northcountry England. It was intense. And much more nuanced, tbh. Much more self-conscious about being a stage play rather than trying to be realistic movie. The stuff with the strike, rather than just a backdrop, is an integral part of Billy’s own journey to dance. And the self-consciousness somehow seems to extend to acknowledging that you’re watching a 12 yo boy carry an entire show. It’s…intense and, imo, better than the film. Totally utterly worth it.
        Yes, I’ll be reviewing SB/BD. Just gotta reread it, though.

      • Thanks for the info about Billy Elliot. Am putting it on the list of shows to see.

  3. Anonymous

    I tried listening to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and couldn’t get past 5 minutes. I’ve developed an allergic response to all Austen related series, even the decent Jane-as-sleuth mystery series.
    It’s an escalating response and now books about books about Austen (like the Jane Austen Book Club) make me cranky.
    Though I did enjoy Austenland by Shannon Hale if I caught sight of it at the bookstore now, I’d start in on a ranty fit.
    Kate R

    • At B&N over the weekend, I counted no fewer than 12 Austen rip offs of one sort of another in the “New Fiction” section. My sister and I both complained about it. There’s nothing wrong with fan fiction, but enough with publishing it all!

  4. Anonymous

    ha! You were visiting my blog at the same time I was visiting yours.
    Kate R

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