On my doorstep this evening

What did I find waiting on the doorstep this evening?  Why, books, of course!

I’ve generally given up on anthologies, because I resent paying $8 for what usually amounts to one short story that I enjoy and three or four filler stories by authors who don’t interest me.  But Meljean Brook posted last week that the First Blood anthology, with her "Thicker Than Blood" novella was on sale for $1.53, which is just insanely cheap, so I ordered a copy.

And the hardback edition of Steve Kluger’s My Most Excellent Year was on sale for $6, which is half the price of the paperback edition.  Score!

Rounding out the delivery is Jesse Petersen’s Married With Zombies, which seems kind of intriguing.  Zombies aren’t going to go away, it seems, so I should dip my toes in, so to speak.

But first, back to Demon Forged


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2 responses to “On my doorstep this evening

  1. Are Zombies in romance? I’m not sure what could be romantic about a Zombie but then I’ve seen way too many movies to find them cute.

    • Zombies seem to be everywhere in urban fantasy, the next big thing. I don’t find them cute, either, but at least in most of the instances, the protagonists are fighting them, not falling in love with them. I do have a romance novella TBR titled, I Fell in Love with a Zombie. Am going to read it next.

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