SBD: I don’t get it

For today’s SBD: another author beloved by readers but whom I just don’t get.

Kresley Cole.

I’ve read so many awesome things about her Immortals After Dark series, and about her books generally. Cracktastic seems to be the adjective used often.

I picked up a copy of Cole’s Pleasure of a Dark Prince. It was sort of different, in that it wasn’t limited to just the typical werewolf and vampire, but it seemed kind of convoluted and didn’t stand well on its own. What was the big conflict, not just for this book but the series over all? I don’t know. How did everyone come to be relocated from Europe to Louisiana? Not clear. What are the underlying rules of the world? Never explained. The hero was the Dark Prince, readers are told. Told told told, not shown. And the book is peopled by a large cast of characters who are not introduced or explained in a very helpful way. Midway through, a couple of characters sounded familiar, so I checked LibraryThing: turns out I tried one of Cole’s books earlier. DNF. Oops. If I’d realized, I probably wouldn’t have bothered with this one at all.

The nail in the coffin for me? The hero and heroine are doing just about everything possible in bed short of actual penetration…but they both consider it Not Sex. Oral sex is not sex, and apparently digital stimulation to orgasm isn’t sex either. [How very Clintonian.] And since they haven’t had sex, they (or she, rather, since she’s the one who cares) are chaste. WTF?

I’m sorry that’s lame and pathetic and is such a narrow view of sexuality that I couldn’t go on.

Done. Stick a fork in me.



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4 responses to “SBD: I don’t get it

  1. Ooops – this one is a super keeper for me 😉

  2. Anonymous

    I haven’t read that but, man alive, I keep reading best selling books that are Stupid. Like True Blue. The heroine is annoyingly STUPID.
    kate r

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