My crush, let me show you it

My crush on Nathan Fillion grows ever larger.  Between the hammy reading of Richard Castle’s book at Comic Con; the whole Mal Reynolds Firefly/Serenity thing and now this?  I’m all *hearteyes*.  Read this bit of information over at ALA’s website and then tell me that he isn’t a thousand times sexier for being a supporter of reading.

The first few chapters of Bujold’s new Vorkosigan novel, CryoBurn, are available at Baen.  If the direct link doesn’t work, click on the Webscription link at the top of the main Baen page, which will take you to CryoBurn‘s ARC page, where there is a link to the chapters.  I haven’t read them yet, but am somewhat intrigued by the book summary.  Of course, it’ll be an autobuy for me just because it’s a new Miles book.

I ordered a case/cover for my refurbished Kindle (known as The Hairball, because for some reason my cat loves to lay on it, which leaves it covered in cat hair).  Anyway, it’s been more than two weeks since I ordered it, so I poked the vendor.  Oh, sorry, busy.  Okay, but if it was going to be delayed, just say so; yes, you risk losing a sale, but with adjusted expectations, I would be much more inclined to leave positive feedback for you as a seller.

The Legg Mason Tennis Classic is on.  Have tickets to the Round of 16 on Thursday.  Don’t need to go to the semifinals and finals on Saturday and Sunday, right?  Right?

Picnic at Mom’s yesterday.  Her deviled eggs are the best ever.  Something about the ratio of bacon bits to relish to seasoning just rocks.  Nana’s Chocolate Cake, too, yum.  And steamed crabs.  Brought some home and picked them this evening.  Crab cakes for dinner tomorrow 🙂



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8 responses to “My crush, let me show you it

  1. Anonymous

    I’m not going to read the chapters of Cryoburn, because I find excerpts always spoil a book for me, but I’m really tempted just to get the eArc. I’ve the emotional intelligence of a backward stone when it comes to delayed gratification regarding books.
    Basically, I’m about to start a serious hunt for the cable that attaches the Sony to the computer, and if I find that…
    (If not, be a really good excuse to perorder a UK Kindle, wouldn’t it? I’d like to know how good the text-to-speech option will be: if it’s half-way decent, I’ll order one for my dyslexic daughter.)
    Off to search for the cable, and possibly to google devilled eggs. (I’ve heard of them, somewhere – but I’m not sure what they actually are…)
    Marianne McA

    • Hi, Marianne McA.
      I’ve never tried the text-to-speech option on my Kindle, although I’ve noticed that some books have the option and some don’t when buying at Amazon.
      Deviled eggs in my family: boil eggs and let cool, then peel and cut in half. Remove the yolks, smashing them with a fork and mixing them with various condiments, then spoon back into the egg whites. Picnic food. When people are farming out tasks/dishes for family parties, deviled eggs are what Mom is asked to bring. I get coleslaw. My aunt gets Nana’s Chocolate Cake.

      • Anonymous

        I’m too lazy to make that amount of effort for a picnic (bread, knife, cheese – sometimes forgetting the knife), but next time we have a party, be fun to try those. Thanks.
        Cryoburn was good. It felt less Miles-centric than usual, but I still really enjoyed it. I’ll have to let it settle and reread it before I know where it stands in the pantheon.
        Worth avoiding spoilers, if you can.

      • Picnics are parties in my family 😉 Usually on holiday weekends, involving much food preparation, horseshoe pits, volleyball nets being set up, etc.
        Thanks for the info on Cryoburn. I haven’t read the excerpts yet, since I’m waiting for the paper release of the book and don’t want to tease myself too much.

  2. How is it I didn’t know Nathan Fillion was Canadian!? And yep, he’s very crush worthy.
    And we do potato salad – so there are eggs already in there 😉

  3. Anonymous

    I was RT’d by THE Nathan Fillion over at Twitter last night. It made my pathetic evening.
    Kate R

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