• Met with a realtor yesterday to talk about selling my house. Banker call today to see about financing for new place. Need to arrange a week’s stay to see how/if I can deal with commute change and the shift from urban to rural.

• Had lunch with the Executive Director of the nonprofit I’ve been on the board of for 10 years. Love the group but lack time and enthusiasm right now. Rotating off the board, but still on a committee and volunteering. Am one of two board members left from the board who hired the ED and worked to keep the organization from going under. She thanked me for that yesterday. *shrug* What else was there to do? Walk away? My modus operandi: just keep going, do the day to day work and treading water, get through it.

• Two more divorces in the extended family (for a total of four within two degrees of separation). One a surprise only that it’s happening now: long separated but wife threatened suicide when papers filed years ago. Now she’s filed the papers. The other is a surprise and has stepdad heartbroken.

• Stepdad’s biopsy results are due back tomorrow. He says Mom doesn’t need to come with him. She thinks it’s because he assumes all will be fine and is being an ostrich. I think it’s so he can tell her everything is fine, even if it isn’t. His fatalism when it comes to his health is disturbing. Based on family medical history, he’s confident he won’t make old bones.

• Mom heard from cousin in Afghanistan. He says it’s hot (120F), tedious, boring but still dangerous.


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