No, really, take a closer look

You know what’s worse that telling a joke that people don’t think is funny?  A joke that no one realizes is, you know, a joke.

Okay, on the right left is the real BP logo. (ETA: sorry, I have a right/left problem.)  Please note the yellow, white and shades of green.

Now, look at the one on the right. 

NOT the official BP logo.  But surprisingly, people don’t notice the oil dripping from the logo…until I point it out to them, after they’ve commented on either my employer (no, not BP, despite speculation); my desire to have things thrown at me by total strangers (well, I’d rather not); or my bravery at being willing to champion such a shoddy corporation (uh, no, take a closer look).  Random strangers don’t get it but feel the urge to talk to me about BP.  People I work with (very smart people!) ask me if I am trying to be provocative.  Well, yes, but not they way they mean.  Then they sort of laugh when I point out the oil.  D’oh!


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  1. I’ve been sleeping at the switch – will have to see what you think of BP – and how they don’t notice the oil dripping is crazy but I watched a few minutes of a Dateline thing where the host talked for about 2 minutes and during that time his shirt changed, his tie changed and finally the back drop changed. I noticed none of it until at the end when I wondered why he had a great big red sash over his head. That was an eye opener for me!

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