Random babble

DC Restaurant Week has been announced.  I love it — fixed price menus at restaurants that normally would be "occasion" destinations.  Lunch at Acadiana and Rasika (repeats), dinner at Adour and Vidalia (never been).  My wallet will be empty but my stomach and taste buds full.  

Went to ArtScape on Saturday.  It was beastly hot, but I manned a booth in the Target Arts Park, making kites and hats with kids using mostly repurposed materials.  Wore my favorite new tee, which earned me mostly strange looks and comments about being brave to champion BP.  Uh, no, check the oil dripping from the emblem.  Clearly, I should’ve gone for the tee with the caption "We’re bringing oil to American shores."  

A sexual linguistics study indicates that British accents are no longer considered that sexy.  Courtesy of Lynneguist.

An excerpt of K.A. Mitchell’s next book from Samhain, Life, Over Easy, is up.  Being a Mitchell fan girl, I squee’d when I saw it and have created a reminder for myself so I can buy/download it on August 3rd.

Otherwise on the reading front, I’m stuck in a rut.  Read the Ilona Andrews story in the Dark and Stormy Knights UF anthology, otherwise, nothing new.  Have been re-reading Bujold’s The Curse of Chalion, which I <3.  Am looking forward, though, in addition to the new K.A. Mitchell book, to the arrival of my copy of Tim Shorrock’s Spies for Hire: The Secret World of Intelligence Outsourcing, which was written way ahead of WaPo’s new investigative expose.  


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