\o/ and /o\

Things that made me \o/ or 😀 today:

My refurbished Kindle has arrived!  I hadn’t realized how much I missed CK (Cherry Kindle-ade) until I was holding her successor in my hands.  Must resend some content that I did not purchase through Amazon.  And think of a name.  And maybe buy a cover?  Forgot that Kindle 2.0 did not come with a case.  Hmm, does Despair do Kindle covers? 

My tickets to the US Open have been printed and mailed!  The Biochemist asked me today if I was going to the Legg Mason Classic in order to ogle Hot Sauce.  I’d decided no, being prudent and also because I feel like I’m hemorrhaging cash right now.  But really, how often will I have the opportunity.

Also, check this out.  It’s almost as sweet and adorkable as Dinara Safina’s chocolate cake vs. tennis clip from last year.

Things that made me /o\ today:

Janet Evanovich wants $50 million for four Stephanie Plum books?  Okay, I get that she still sells a lot of books, but I thought publishers were putting the kibosh on big payouts like that, given the tight economy, slowing sales, and high dollar flops they’ve suffered the last few years.  I dunno.  I’d be kind of disgusted by a demand that size no matter what the source; say if James Patterson or Nicholas Sparks or whomever wanted the same.  It’s like Lebron James’ contract.  Or Alex Rodriguez.  At a certain point, it just looks greedy, selfish and full of hubris.  Courtesy of several different publishing twitterers

And, courtesy of TeddyPig, RIAA:  keeping law firms in business!  $58 million in legal fees in order to combat piracy and collect a whopping $2 million in damages.  I get the idea of deterrence as a reason to keep fighting, but at some point the cost has to outweigh the deterrent effect…which seems kind of nil TBH.  

And lastly, after using four different blog posts on completely unrelated subjects, I got the following:

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Must test some of my work related writing to see if I get the same answer or if my professional writing style differs from my personal blog.



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6 responses to “\o/ and /o\

  1. Holy fuck, 50 millions for 4 books? Evanovich’s last 4 Plum books were so boring and full of rehashing that I stopped buying the series altogether. Unless she gets back on track and tries to take her writing seriously again instead of a money cow, she’s not worth half that amount. Hell, not even a fourth. Humph.
    Sorry for the rant, but Janet used to be a favorite author of mine and I’ve been pretty disillusioned with her those past few years.

    • I loved the first six Plum books, but stopped buying them after that because they felt repetitive. Borrowed the later ones until I read that Evanovich was never going to have Stephanie grow as a character. While I don’t begrudge anyone their success, 50 million just seems ridiculous. Especially since she’s essentially writing the same book, over and over again.

  2. OK her books are not worth 50 million. I am making a very snarky face right now.
    WTF on the legal fees! Yikes.

    • Had to just roll my eyes about JE. Normally, my theory is that it can’t hurt to ask and if you don’t ask, you’ll never know, but there are some “asks” that are downright ridiculous.
      Those fees were paid over a three year period. But still, that’s an insane amount of money.

  3. I thought you might enjoy this funny post that makes fun of an article comparing tennis and college football. I don’t actually follow tennis but I do follow college football so I don’t think you have to like both sports to enjoy the humor. 🙂

    • Thanks for the link 🙂
      I enjoy college football without being *devoted* to it. I mean, I’ll watch it on a Saturday afternoon, but am not like my sister and brother-in-law (Big 10 alumni), who follow the BCS standings religiously.

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