Breakfast at Wimbledon

Strawberries?  Check

Cream?  Check

Pimms?  Um, no, not my favorite.  Fizzy lemonade instead.

Radio Wimbledon on.  NBC on the tv, but on mute because I can’t stand John McEnroe’s bloviating.

Okay, if Berdych doesn’t usually bounce around at the entrance and the net the way Rafa does, then he needs to stop.  Because if he’s doing it because Rafa is, then Rafa’s already in his head.

The consensus among sports writers and people in the know seems to be Nadal in 4.  (*knocks on wood*)

Berdych to serve.

As usual, RW is a bit ahead of the television broadcast, but that’s okay, because the announcers are so much better.

1-0 Berdych.

Nadal to serve.  Love hold, 1-1.

Easy holds, 2-2.

Okay, I can’t live blog and watch at the same time.  

3 aces from Nadal in three games?  That’s unusual.  Oh, and a double fault.   Rafa working a little more than Berdych to hold serve, but still 3-3.

Nadal breaks 4-3.  How did he get that forehand down the line for the first point?

Easy hold, then another break.  Nadal takes the first set 6-3.

First break point for Berdych in the opening game of the second set.  Second via double fault from Rafa. Third via error. Back to deuce again by another double fault.  Hard work to hold serve, 1-0 Nadal.  

Followed by relatively easy holds up to 2-2.

NBC spends too much time scanning for celebrities in the crowd.  Do I care about Lindsey Vonn or Ronnie Wood?  No.  Please return to the match being played.

You know, the pronunciation of Nadal isn’t complicated.  Why is it mangled by so many sports commentators?  Same with Rafael.

A few good rallies, but mostly easy holds to 5-5.  Nadal not playing quite as well in the second set as in the first.  More unforced errors, second serves and double faults.

RW announcers call what I’ve always heard referred to as the doubles alley the tram lines.  English-ism vs. American-ism?

Berdych cracks in the 12th game of the second game, and is broken at love, 7-5.  Nadal goes up two sets to love.

Third set:  1-1, break opportunity for Berdych.  Can’t do it, deuce.  2-1 Nadal, on serve.

Steady holds to 4-4.

Dear NBC: I don’t care about Bjorn Borg and his epic match with McEnroe 30 years ago.  Please return the camera to the match being played today.

Incredible rally from Nadal, how did he get that ball back and and down the line?!?!

Championship point: let; long, second serve; rally, wins with a passing shot!

\o/ \o/ \o/


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2 responses to “Breakfast at Wimbledon

  1. Anonymous

    Is the fuzzy lemonade alcoholic? Okay, then. I don’t see any SBD this week, but it is a holiday, so you’re off the hook. I thought of more reasons I hated that SB book.
    Kate R

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