SBD: the successful break up

Monday!  Time to SBD!   

Yesterday I spent a couple hours at Barnes & Noble.  It’s been a while since I’ve gone to the megastore near me and wandered, plucking books at random, then paging through the first few pages while drinking iced tea, deciding which to buy.  Most of my book purchases lately have been ebooks or pre-orders via Amazon.  Anyway, yesterday the remainder table was awesome:  I got three hardbacks for $2.98 each:  Sue Grafton’s T is for Trespass, plus two Linda Fairstein books.

Right by the front door there was a display with many shiny, new copies of the new Stephanie Plum hardback book.  Number fifteen?  Sixteen?  And, of course, paperback editions of the one before.  I stopped to check them out…because I always stop.  But then I resumed my browsing without even considering buying a copy.  Or even taking a copy with me to the cafe to skim the first twenty pages and then maybe buy.  Because that is one series that I broke up with successfully.

I know there are a lot of readers who still love Stephanie and her antics and the Burg and her man dilemma, but I felt like the series jumped the shark after book five or six.  It took me several more books to actually break up with the series, though.  And like my struggles with a couple other series (BDB/Ward, I’m looking at you), I fell off the wagon a couple times before being done with the series entirely.  But it seems to have taken; I didn’t realize a new Plum book was out until I saw the display.

Also on the book front, I tried a new author:  Matters of the Blood by Maria Lima.  Urban fantasy.  I’m not sure what to think of it.  It was different, I guess, if not particularly gripping or engaging.  

Read Carolyn Crane’s debut, Mind Games.  Also original and different; also urban fantasy.  I’m not sure about the raison d’etre of the disillustionists:  yes, they are reforming criminals, but they are essentially engaging in criminal activity themselves.  So two wrongs make a right?  That sort of moral ambiguity can be interesting, though.  The heroine kinda irritated me: not her hypochondria but her "have my cake and eat it too" attitude.  Take what you want and pay for it.  She took what she wanted without asking the price and then complained about it and didn’t want to pay up.   Enjoyed the book enough that I might read the next book of the series, although I probably won’t go out of my way to find a copy.

In non-book news, I bought a pair of these flip flops.  I LOVE them.  They were on an end cap at CVS when I was stocking up on Ricola Lemon Mint cough drops, DayQuil and Mucinex.  

In health related news:  my sinus cavities must be deformed.  It’s the only explanation.  This much mucus is not normal.  Well, to be honest, the nasal congestion doesn’t bother me, but I’m a little worried about the sore throat, which has been hanging around for two weeks now.

Lastly, today is my favorite day of Wimbledon:  the second Monday, when all sixteen of the men and women play matches.  There were huge upsets (Roddick’s out!  Jankovic, too.) and predictable results (Federer and the Williams sisters) plus at least one nail biter (poor David Ferrer, so close to knocking out Robin Soderling, and yet so far).  I listened Radio Wimbledon while running errands, then watched some on ESPN.  As usual, ESPN’s coverage concentrated on the Americans in the draw, so little of the Soderling/Ferrer match was seen, and only a few games of the Nadal/Mathieu match.  So much for their "world wide coverage".  Ugh.

Apparently that wasn’t the last thing.  Anything I did last Wednesday?  Probably complete trash.  I should not have been at work.  I was completely incoherent and incapable of logic, as I discovered when I returned to the office on Friday.  Really, I should’ve stayed home Friday, but there was a project due and never would have heard the end of it if I had missed the deadline. 



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2 responses to “SBD: the successful break up

  1. The Plum series was one I had a bad feeling about after book 1 so I never picked up book 2. Just found the main char annoying and really didn’t like her taste in men.
    Plan to read MIND GAMES very soon! Like next book hopefully. It’s on my nightstand.

    • Sadly, I am dense. I kept waiting for Stephanie to grow up, decide who she wanted, get better at her job. Abandoned the series after reading somewhere that Evanovich wasn’t going to have her change or grow or make a decision.
      Oh, I’ll look forward to your thoughts on Mind Games.

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