Still feeling under the weather. Cortisone cream prescription helping with allergic reaction, but throat is bad again.

Dragged myself to work today but will stay home tomorrow if feel this bad in the morning.

Was entertained: people changed channel from Bloomberg & CNBC to watch the World Cup match today. Could hear cheers and groans coming from down the hall πŸ™‚

Not reading, spending all spare time sleeping.

New favorite cough drop: Ricola.



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  1. Anonymous

    Hope you’re feeling better soon, love. I once had an allergic reaction to the baby’s Gerber raspberry cereal – I only touched it with my tongue to see if it was too hot – and my tongue swelled up. It’s the strangest thing. I will suggest perhaps washing your whole pillow. I’ve seen stories recently of folks having allergies from mold spores growing on their pillows, and if the weather is as you say it sounds like a perfect environment. Even latex pillows aren’t immune! (Can you tell I’ve bought the panic line of the article?)
    I used to love the Ricola ads.

    • Hi, Lyvvie!
      The ads with the yodeling? Riiii-cola!
      I’ve bought an entirely new pillow and laundered all my bedding. Still have a sore throat, though. Can’t seem to shake it. Am feeling much better.

  2. Anonymous

    Always forget to leave my name – it’s Lyvvie. πŸ˜‰

  3. Hope you feel better soon!

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