Two things that made me laugh

First, I missed the final of the French Open when it aired live, because I was doing touristy things in Ireland, but Nadal won, which made me \o/ 

And here’s an interview in which he’s totally adorkable.

If that video gets pulled, you can view it here.

Followed by this comic from XKCD, perhaps my favorite comic strip.

I’ll be back later to write about what I’ve read lately, and maybe inflict vacation photos on you.


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2 responses to “Two things that made me laugh

  1. Anonymous

    I love both and “adorkable” is a fabulous mash-up word. Now going to share the cartoon…

    • Hi, Lyvvie.
      I think I picked adorkable up from my sister, don’t know where she heard it first. And it just suits Nadal in that interview. Wimbledon and me, we are good friends? Giggle-worthy.

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