He’s supposed to be smart?

Okay, the basic set up of this book fails. Hero, the best man/man of honor for bride does not get along with bride’s brother. Hate. Refusal to be in the same room. For years. But bride reassures him that brother (rancher still living/working in her hometown) won’t be at her wedding…which is being held in her hometown. So he’s okay with spending a long weekend there, because his nemesis won’t be there.

Hero is painted as being smart and good with people, but it doesn’t occur to him that BFF’s brother not being at her wedding is, well, weird? That it’s a little odd for otherwise close family to be out of town or otherwise unavailable or absent from big family celebrations? Especially since the wedding wasn’t a spur of the moment thing?

The whole set up feels kind of forced, petty, and juvenile. Why waste energy on lies or bitching? It’s her wedding, suck it up and be pleasant for a weekend.

There’d be no book then, I guess. Eh. Deleting that sample from my reader. Next!



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6 responses to “He’s supposed to be smart?

  1. Wait, I read this one. If I could remember the title, I could check my LibraryThing to see what I thought of it. đŸ™‚

  2. Look! I joined this backwater of a community. I wanted to spread the word about contest by chris smith and then realized the contest was limited only to a yahoo group.SpeakItsName@yahoogroups.com
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    And what was the title of the book you deleted? I want to see if it hits my TSTR (Too stupid to read) radar.
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  3. oh. oops. I see the title now. I have to go download a sample.

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