I have long since abandoned the Amelia Peabody series.  It wasn’t intentional, I just stopped buying them because they were hardback releases, then gradually stopped paying attention when the paperback versions were issued.  Didn’t feel like I was missing much, because Ramses as an adult was not nearly as entertaining as Ramses as a child, and the mysteries were feeling less mysterious and more repetitive.  Maybe that’s just the nature of a series, that it only has so many good stories to tell?  

Anyway, yesterday The Biochemist bitched about the editing in the new Amelia Peabody book.  Then/than misuse accompanied by the wrong monarch for the "will no one rid me of this upstart cleric" line; apparently, it wasn’t even attributed to a Henry, but a monarch by another name entirely.  Given the fact that the murder of Thomas Becket is what Henry II is best remembered for, that’s pretty disappointing.  Especially since this is a big name author published by a big name publishing house.

Also, yesterday, the men’s final of the Madrid Open?  Was ugly, an unforced error orgy for Nadal and Federer.  But I enjoyed this article that talks about the nerves the two men may feel when then meet in a final.  I do think, though, that Federer comes off like an asshat when he says that clay lets inferior players win (uh, is that why it’s the court-style in which he has the least number of titles?) and that the European clay court season doesn’t matter, only the French Open (which is nice for him, since his clay court season has been dreadful).  

Lastly, why isn’t it the 25th yet?  I’m extremely impatient for my copy of Magic Bleeds to arrive.  Reviews have begun to appear online, which only makes me more anxious.


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  1. My copy of Magic Bleeds should be on my doorstep when I get home today, according to UPS tracking. Eeeeeee! =D

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