Bacon cornbread?

Random pieces of information:

+  Went to Let’s Dish with M this weekend.  Before starting on the new dishes, I needed to cook the last remaining dish from our last visit, shrimp & corn chowder with cornbread.  The cornbread is a little…weird, in terms of texture and taste.  There’s bacon in there.  It was probably supposed to go in with the vegetables and shrimp, but there may have been a little confusion (and too many cooks involved in the measuring and mixing).  

+  Someone keyed three cars on my block on Friday night.  Including mine, dammit.  Back door and back quarterpanel on the driver’s side.  I’m hoping it can be buffed out but am afraid it may be too deep for that.  And I’m not sure I want to put a huge amount of money into the cosmetics of a 10 year old car.

+  Finished Megan Whalen Turner’s A Conspiracy of Kings, which was good but not as good as The Thief.  Of course, my expectations were probably unreasonably high.  The lack of Gen’s POV was one big draw back for me, and I found Sophos hard to trust as a hero in the middle of the book after how the book began.

+  I just remembered that Carla Kelly’s new Harlequin Historical, the third of the naval trilogy, will be out in June.  Which means that the ebook will be available from eHarlequin on May 1st.  Since I have immediate gratification issues, I’ll probably download an e-copy, then buy a paper copy in June.  I suppose it’s a little early to be asking what Ms. Kelly will be working on next, isn’t it?

+  My local Target has remodeled and now has a huge grocery section.  One stop shopping, presumably so it can compete with the nearby Walmart?  The selection isn’t quite as good as my regular grocery store, but was good enough for today’s errands.  Will still be getting veg from the farmers’ market, though.

+  From the dentist:  stop drinking soda, and if I must drink it, drink it with meals only.  Even tea would be better than soda.  Here’s the thing:  my diet Coke consumption (12 oz per day, without caffeine) is loads better than it was six years ago (48 oz per day, with caffeine).  I can only drink so much water, juice, and tea before I long for the fizzy stuff.  It’s an addiction and I’m not sure how or if I can whittle my consumption down more, short of moving someplace where pop is much more expensive.  (When traveling, I tend to drink no cola, since it’s usually more expensive than other beverages.  It’s much the reverse at home, though.)

+  Mom emailed me about the upcoming family trip to Ireland.  She’s worried about being stranded in New York after reading about the European flights grounded due to the ash spewed by the Icelandic volcano whose name I cannot spell or pronounce (begins with an "e").  I don’t really understand this concern.  If the flight (which is more than a month away) is grounded or canceled, we have trip insurance.  And if it’s canceled entirely, there are multiple ways of getting home from NYC.  If I were inclined to worry about this (which I’m not, surprisingly, since I used to be a worry wart), I’d be a more concerned about being stranded in Ireland, since it’s slightly harder to get home from there.  *shrug*  

+  Dropbox seems to have deleted all the quotation marks from an html document I uploaded.  The punctuation is there in the original when I look at it on my laptop, but gone when I view it in dropbox on my iPhone.  Which is weird, and also hard to read, especially since there are not many dialog tags to mark the conversations otherwise.



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4 responses to “Bacon cornbread?

  1. Not to be a killjoy, but you might want to check the conditions of your travel insurance; I’ve been told most people stuck on either side of the Atlantic because of the volcano situation have to cope on their own because this qualifies as “extraordinary circustances” (probably similar to an Act of God) and isn’t covered. while coming home from NY might not be much of a trouble, if you’re stuck in Ireland and have to stay an extra week or two or come back by boat, you might have to pay for the extra fees youself. Same regarding annulation, they might not reimburse your fees even if you have to cancel everything because the planes are grounded. I’m hoping your travel insurance is better than most, or that the situation is resolved by the time your trip’s time comes :). Some flights have started again in Scandinavia which is good sign. On the other hand, all Canadian flights to Newfoundland were cancelled today because they were worried the ash cloud was heading West. Hard to know :-/
    And good luck with the soda thing! 🙂 It might not be easy, but I’m sure you can do it. Maybe drinking Perrier could fool your system? ANd here it’s the drugstore that are becoming mini grocery stores of their own. Humph. I always like a true grocery store better, they’ll always have better choice.

    • If I were inclined to worry (which I’m not right now), I would be more concerned about being stuck in Ireland, because I absolutely would expect that I’d have to bear the cost of the alternative trip home (or the difference in cost at least) plus hotel, etc., in the interim. I didn’t see “act of god” language in the insurance exceptions when I skimmed it, so I should double check it.
      I’d read that about Newfoundland online 😦
      I’ve tried sparkling water as a substitute in the past. It works for a while, then my urge for aspartame and caramel coloring kicks in. But I’ll be trying again, if only because I promised the dentist.

  2. Just a thought re: the fizzy cravings…what about flavored mineral water?

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