March’s reading

March was perhaps the worst month of reading for me, in terms of the amount read, since I’ve begun keeping track of my reading. Ten books! Granted, I spent most of the second half of the month trying to get into a couple of books that I didn’t finish or really dig into until April began.

Book I loved:

No Souvenirs by K.A. Mitchell. Written about here. I’ve since read a couple of reviews in which the readers felt like there was too much medical terminology, as if Mitchell was trying to throw her research onto the page. *shrug* There was a lot of formal language and medical jargon when the book is in Kim’s head, but that didn’t bother me. It felt like a reflection of who he was, using jargon to distance himself from others and from his own emotions. Ended up re-reading this one several occasions, or parts of it.

Re-read: The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner, review bumped up here.

Books I liked:

Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs. Urban fantasy. My first thought upon finishing this book was that it was a keeper, despite the schmoopy and slightly purple ending. But now that I’ve gone back and re-read it, I feel a little ambivalent about the book, and I want to re-read the series with an eye toward how Briggs sets up the confrontation with the Big Bad…who in the end is never as smart as Mercy, despite getting to be a Big Bad. Mercy as underestimated felt original at first, but by now its hard to believe that she doesn’t have a reputation of some sort among the local supernaturals. Also, the stick as deus ex machina rescuer feels repetitive. Third time? Er, also, is Adam silver/black or blue/gray? Or is there a reason his coloring appears different in the dream at the end? Of course, it could just be that my limit for series reading has been reached.

Roadkill by Rob Thurman, written about here.

Books I felt kind of ~meh~ about:

Enlightened by P.J. Barnaby. YA. Abrupt ending, but otherwise a sweet and a little sad story about a teenager realizing that he’s gay and in love with his best friend.

L.A. Bytes by P.A. Brown. Suspense. The suspense/procedural part was well-paced. The set up? Eh. B-/C+

On the Steamy Side by Louisa Edwards. Contemporary romance. The passages about food and cooking were lovely and beautifully written, but like the MCs in Can’t Stand the Heat, I just didn’t care. The heroine didn’t come across as being as self-absorbed and know-it-all as Miranda, but she her aimlessness and fix-it fantasy seemed trite and cliche-ish. Mostly bought the book for the secondary story line, which was disappointing. C+.

Duchess in Love by Eloisa James. European Historical. Written about here.

Encore! Encore! Kimberly Gardener, et al. Anthology, gay romance, theater settings. Bought this one for the Cochrane story, which was okay. The other stories, eh. The brevity really was a problem across the board, although one story was significantly longer than the others. C

Simple Men by Eric Arvin. Sort of coming out romance. Full of telling rather than showing. Felt very elementary, in terms of writing style. Could’ve used tighter editing. When was this supposed to be set? Felt 50ish. Gay college football head coach? Openly gay players? I don’t think so. Very much a fantasy of romance. DNF.

Books that I struggled with and finished or expect to finish in April:

Generation Kill by Evan Wright (nonfiction)

The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo (Nordic mystery)

Scoundrel’s Kiss by Carrie Lofty (medieval romance)

A Murderous Procession by Arianna Franklin (medieval mystery)

A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner (YA, fantasy)



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2 responses to “March’s reading

  1. What’s wrong with the Nesbo? I just had a rec for it and was planning to read it.

    • There wasn’t anything wrong, I just wasn’t in the mood for it. Set it aside for later. I’ve since picked it up again and am enjoying it.

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