In summary…

  • 08:20 @meljean O_o I saw the comic in my google reader this morning, but didn’t realize there was a real book. Um, no. #
  • 08:51 Dear Plumber: your work was good, but getting you to show up was a PITA. I’ll be finding another plumber, thx. #homeimprovementhell #
  • 08:53 OTOH, the tile guy rocked. Arrived *early*, work took time predicted, cleaned up after himself. Would use again. #homeimprovementhell #
  • 09:47 Replacement plumber has arrived! He’s fiddling with the hardware and settings now. Can hear the shower running. Yay! #homeimprovementhell #
  • 20:46 Why did I say I would be part of gr
    oup/family trip to Ireland? Not a huge fan of group travel. Too much togetherness. #misanthrope #

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