The pink coat

I am not a pink person.  Until recently, the only item of clothing in my wardrobe that included pink was a sun-dress in a wild pattern of hot pink, coral, tan and brown.  Love the style (vee necked, empire waisted) and the fabric pattern, although I might’ve preferred less bold colors.  Otherwise, no.  

My pink aversion arises from my childhood.  As very small children, The Biochemist was dressed in purple and I was put in either pink or yellow — identical outfits in different colors in order for people to be able to tell us apart.  We eventually grew old enough to put the kibosh on the matching outfits, but pink remained popular for some reason.  For years, family members gave me pink stuff; in fact, I’m pretty sure I got a track suit or sweater in some shade of pink for my birthday or Christmas for ten years running.  Yeah, no, I don’t buy pink clothing.  Yellow, sure.  Red.  But my wardrobe is heavier on blues, greens and purples.  [FWIW, The Biochemist suffers no purple aversion, and in fact loves the color to the point of having her home office walls painted purple.  She isn’t a pink person either, though.]

So how’d I end up with a pink wool winter coat?  It was given to me by a friend when she cleaned out her closet.  It’s about a size too large, which means I can wear layers and heavy sweaters or jackets underneath comfortably.  It is long, with the hem hitting just below my calf.  In fact, I’m a little perplexed about how my friend ever wore this coat — our torsos are about the same size, but I am at least 6 inches taller.  How on earth did she manage to wear this coat without it dragging all over the floor?

I would never have bought this coat simply because of the color.  But it is comfortable and incredibly warm, and it has inner and outer pockets, which I love.

Anyhoo, in the last week, four different people have commented on the coat.  Apparently, pink is not a common color for winter coats, so it gets noticed.  And comments.  The dry cleaner said something about it on Saturday, and three different people in the elevators at work commented this week.  Who knew a pink coat would occasion such attention?


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