SBD: a broken record

Yes, I’m a broken record — I keep going on about typos and poor editing.  And I’m doing so again today for SBD.

The difference this week is the target: in the past it has usually been a small publisher, an electronic publisher.  But today?  The typos are in a book published by a big NY publisher, written by a Big Name Romance Author.

The things I noticed:

  • sentence/paragraph that ends without punctuation
  • dropped direct address commas and commas to break out exclamatory words or clauses
  • misused words 

Now, the ratio of noticed typos to total word count is low, especially in comparison to the ebooks I’ve complained about in the past.  But it’s still pretty demoralizing to read.  This author has written dozens of books, nearly all of them bestsellers.  If she doesn’t merit kid glove treatment and the highest editorial attention, who does?  And if this is the result of the highest attention the publisher can pay…well, it’s not encouraging.


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