January reading

The reading for January was…not very successful, but mostly for reasons related to me as a reader than as a function of the books themselves.

1.  Baby, It’s Cold Outside by Nicole Kimberling.  Gay mystery/romance.  I’ve read really good things about Nicole Kimberling’s work.  This wasn’t bad and I liked the writing, but I didn’t care about the narrator and the mystery wasn’t very developed.  C-

2.  Too Good to Be True by Kristan Higgins. Contemporary. DNF. TMI with the dog vomit and diarrhea in opening scene. Making up boyfriends is sad and pathetic, but par for course with spineless heroine. Spoiled sister and fiance should be disowned, because there are some rules that should not be broken. Third Higgins book that others raved about that I thought was lame. Think her writing is just not for me.

3.  Proof by Seduction by Courtney Milan.  European historical.  SBD’d here.  Very slow start. Ultimately didn’t really believe or care about relationship between MC’s although I enjoyed the language. "Not my equal" crystalized my problem with European historicals; fundamentally, I don’t understand the idea of someone being worth more as a human being by virtue of birth.

4.  All’s Fair in Love and Advertising by Lenore Black.  M/m romance.  DNF.  I don’t remember why I bought this ebook, maybe a good review somewhere?  It wasn’t very engaging and the narrator was an egomaniac jerk, so I set it aside.

5.  Taming Groomzilla by E.N. Holland.  M/m romance.  B-. Sweet-ish romance. Not sure where the groomzilla was. No real conflict or plot, basically just the story about the run up to the wedding. No tension. No story arc.

6.  L.A. Heat by P.A. Brown.  Gay mystery.  B-. &nbspThis read like a debut. Promising but clunky. ILY was way too early. Liked the mystery portion, thought it was well done with believable red herring.

7. Black Wade: The Wild Side of Love by Franz & Andaerle. Graphic novel, gay. Discussed here.

8.  Tangle Web by Lee Rowan.  M/m historical. B-. Felt very ‘gay for you’ and paternal. Didn’t work so much as a romance for me. Lovely writing and story, but more coming of age than romance

9.  Fashionably Late by Nadine Dajani.  Chick lit, attempted as part of AvidReader’s TBR Challenge.  DNF.

10.  And Call Me In the Morning by Willa Okati. M/m romance. C. Told a lot about Zane, rather than shown. A lot of mixed metaphors and clunky language. Gay for you. End felt like filler. Narrator felt bipolar. Eh. Think Okati is just not an author who suits me. (That seems to be going around, doesn’t it?)

11.  The Good Thief by James Buchanan. M/m romance. B. Pretty good; different certainly, in that it doesn’t glorify criminal behavior. Also, interesting to see very poor MC in m/m romance – seem to be populated by middle to upper middle class, white and pink collar (but for the cops).

I began Carrie Lofty’s Scoundrel’s Kiss, but did not finish it because I have misplaced my copy.  I *think* I left it in Mom’s car or at her house, but she hasn’t found it.  If it doesn’t turn up, I’ll buy a new copy.  Only read the first two or three chapters, but I enjoyed them.

On the 31st I began Laura Kinsale’s Lessons in French, which I’m still pondering at the moment.



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3 responses to “January reading

  1. I have a feeling I’m the same with Higgins. I hated Catch of the Day so much that, despite being reassured that other books were better, I’m too leery to try them. Now you’re saying here’s another Higgins book with a spineless heroine and annoying rellies? I’m done.

    • A lot of readers seemed to love this book. The entire set up bothered me, though. Making up a boyfriend might be okay for an insecure 13 yo, but not for an adult. If you need a date to a wedding, ask a friend or hire an escort. Or go alone — there are worse things. Was seriously squicked by the sister hooking up with the main character’s just-ex-BF, and then both of them guilt-tripping her into being okay with their couplehood. Some things should not be passed around among siblings, I don’t care how much you’re attracted.

  2. Yay for The Good Thief. I really enjoyed that story of James’. Very different. Love the way she can make plea bargain negotiations actually interesting. 🙂

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