My AAR ballot

As I filled in a ballot for AAR’s annual poll, I wondered why I bothered. Very few of my choices were reviewed by AAR or would be considered mainstream genre romance. But as AAR_Rachel pointed out, it’s tradition.  TBH, I was scrapping the bottom of the barrel for a few of the entries, and ended up leaving a couple blank. Don’t really expect the winners to look anything like my ballot, really.

Best Romance: Tigers & Devils by Sean Kennedy
Best Contemporary Romance: Tigers & Devils by Sean Kennedy
Best Romantic Suspense: Dark of Night by Suzanne Brockmann
Best Paranormal Romance: Blue Diablo by Ann Aguirre
Best Historical Romance (UK set): Lessons in Discovery by Charlie Cochrane
Best Historical Romance (non-UK set): False Colors by Alex Beecroft (not sure if this is the right category: English characters but set at sea and in port)
Funniest Romance: ePistols at Dawn by Z.A. Maxfield (ZAM’s Family Unit came in as a close second here)
Biggest Tearjerker: blank (books seldom make me cry, I’m just heartless that way)
Best Love Scenes: blank (this one specified mainstream romance, which is why it’s blank)
Best Series Romance: The Surgeon’s Lady by Carla Kelly
Best Chick-Lit/Women’s Fiction: blank
Best Erotic Romance: Inland Empire by James Buchanan
Best Romance Short Story: "Christmas Promise" by Carla Kelly in A Regency Christmas anthology ("Magic Mourns" by Ilona Andrews was good, too.)
Guilty Pleasure: Inland Empire by James Buchanan
2009’s Best Debut Author: Louisa Edwards (Can’t Stand the Heat)
Best Romance Hero: Simon, Tigers & Devils by Sean Kennedy
Best Romance Heroine: Anna Cornick, Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs
Most Tortured Hero: John Cavendish, False Colors by Alex Beecroft
Most Kick-Ass Heroine: Kate Daniels, Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews
Best Couple: Simon & Declan, Tigers & Devils by Sean Kennedy
Worst Romance: Burning Alive by Shannon K. Butcher

You can probably tell by my ballot that I really enjoyed Sean Kennedy’s Tigers & Devils. Just a little bit.



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5 responses to “My AAR ballot

  1. Why is Inland Empire a guilty pleasure? James just got done with #3. Can’t wait to read it. Gonna review them all in one go. 🙂
    And…oh, yeah. Gotta check out ZAM’s Family Unit. Never heard of it but you liked it, so…

    • Oh, right. That one. Hmm.

    • I liked Family Unit, and thought it was funny, but I had some reservations wrt stereotypes used when defining conservative/liberal and dealing with the military, self-defense, and guns. YMMV. Er, also, the cover art is a little creepy since the characters look like brothers to me.
      Inland Empire is a guilty pleasure for me because I feel so ambivalent about Brandon as a character. Love him, then hate him. While I love Nicky without reservation. And Roberta. I want to see more of Roberta, pls. Looking forward to #3.

  2. I see all the ballots and still put my own ballot in knowing some of my picks won’t make a dent.

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