It has been announced that Mayor Dixon will be resigning by February 4th. Her resignation is part of the settlement agreement and Allford plea entered. Essentially, she’s admitting prosecutors had enough evidence to get a guilty verdict, but is avoiding a conviction. Why does that matter? Well, it means she can keep the $83,000/year pension. And work for or be re-elected to city or state office after her probation expires.

I’m guessing the pension was a primary concern.

As a Baltimore taxpayer, that just pisses me off. $83k annually? In a city where services are being cut, the public schools are a disaster, the median income is $30,000 (according to the 2000 Census), and 23% of the population lives below the poverty line…is $83,000/year really appropriate here?



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3 responses to “$83,000?

  1. Anonymous

    I agree
    I see this all over America. When will enough be enough and the people take back over the government?
    Johnny Ray

  2. You know, I never got to read the article about the settlement so…now I’m pissed too. Holy crap. She gets $83k pension? Yeah, that’s some tremendous punishment there. what an effed up system.

    • A friend works in the city’s State’s Attorney office, and usually has good insight into behind the scenes stuff, so I really want to talk to him and get his take on this. Between the pension and the possibility of running for office again in the future, I’m pretty disgusted.

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