SBD: weeding the TBR

It seems sort of appropriate to SBD about the reading-related resolution I made this year.

The heart of the resolution is not new — reduce the TBR mountain — but the mechanism for it is different.  Instead of deciding that I must read X number of books, I must clear X off the shelves each month no matter what, whether I’ve read them or not.  And I’m not permitted to buy any new books unless I’ve done so.  (Yeah, so I can’t use the gift cards I received until I’ve reached this month’s quota.)

So, yesterday’s weeding, all RWA books:

Fortune’s Woman by Raeanne Thayne. Eh, after skimming the first 10 pages, I couldn’t be arsed to continue.

Her Very Own Family by Trish Milburn.  CBA

The Doctor’s Royal Bride by Jessica Matthews.  CBA complicated by the fact that I hate made-up European principalities.

Virgin Mistress, Scandalous Love-Child by Jennie Lucas.  Only read the first 10-15 pages of this book and it ENRAGED me.  The asshat, sexist, conclusion-jumping, excuse-grasping hero was a total dick.  The heroine was too sweet, too innocent, too downtrodden and pathetic to believe.  Actually ripped this book in half.

I did manage to read slightly more of Rescue Me by Christy Reece.  How many cliches could be crammed into the prologue?  Skanky, hypersexualized mother who hates her daughter and hits on godson; insecure teen with a crush who "knows" she’ll marry him because…because; a hero who at 21 is already smarter, braver, etc.  He prevented a terrorist attack!  He speaks seven languages and has a couple of black belts!  He invented a new explosive as a science project!  

Chapter One: I was completely creeped out by the heroine pretending to be someone else in order to have sex with the hero.  And the results were quite predictable, if ridiculously over the top.

Chapter Two:  head hopping!  Tattoo seemed unlikely given the harped-upon social status, controlling mother, and complete lifestyle change.

Also, spying and security contractors and quasi government agencies?  Not appealing to me any longer as plot points, settings, or characters, for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with the author or the books themselves.

That said, the rest of the first two chapters were enough of this book for me.  


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