Doing double duty

While on vacation, I popped into WHSmith and scanned the shelves to see if there were any books that I *had* to have.  There were many that I wanted, but not enough to schlep around.  As I scanned the shelves, one of the Mills & Boon books caught my eye.  I’d seen that book cover before, I was certain.  So I took a photo to remind myself to check when I returned home.

And voila!  I found it when scanning through old photos on my hard drive.  The same basic cover art was used for Carla Kelly’s The Surgeon’s Lady.  

For the M&B edition, the couple takes up less space and the title and author even less space still.  Haven’t looked at the blurb, but I’m guessing (since it was on shelves in late November) it is a holiday themed novel, which probably explains the ribbon and bow across the bottom. The placement and size of the title and author’s name tells a lot — a Carla Kelly book is slightly more important than the book’s title may be, and the era and imprint are not included on the front page — they are found on the spine.  Wish I’d picked up the M&B book to see what information was included on the spine for comparison.


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2 responses to “Doing double duty

  1. Wow, you are good! I would have wondered if I had seen it before.
    I might be wrong but I don’t think we get M&B up here. In fact, I thought they had gone under years ago. Ooops.

    • I took a picture because it was bothering. I was sure I’d seen it before and had to go through pics online and the covers of books on my shelves till I found it.
      Don’t know about Canada, but M&B had a large presence in the romance sections of the bookstores I checked out in London 🙂

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