Today I shoveled snow. A Sisyphean task, since it snowed all day and the wind gusted up to 35 mph. I’ll be shoveling more tomorrow. At about 2pm, my neighbor measured 16″. I’m afraid to guess how deep it is now. The neighborhood lights certainly look nice reflecting off it, though.

Wrote greetings on a box of holiday cards that will be distributed at a local hospital as part of the adopt-a-charity our office is doing this season.

Attempted to make toffee graham crisps. Realized too late that I had no brown sugar. Following the instructions found online, I used white sugar and molasses as a substitute, but the toffee doesn’t seem to be hardening. Tastes fine, though. What’s not to like about graham crackers, butter, sugar and pecans?

Now I’m sitting on the couch, listening to the Goofy Cat purr (she’s draped over the back of the couch, even though she knows I hate when she sits there), thinking that I ought to make truffles and wrap presents. But my belly is full of failed toffee grahams and I think I’m going to find something to read or reread instead.

My holiday gift ordering has been less than successful. The All-Edge Brownie pan that I ordered from Think Geek hasn’t arrived…but according to their tracking, it was delivered on Monday. Uh, no. And the album I ordered for The Biochemist was supposed to be delivered the 15th, then the 17th, then th 21st, now definitely not before 24th and maybe never. Customer service for the album has been useless. Waiting to hear from ThinkGeek. Grrr.


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  1. Anonymous

    Toffee grahams sound nice. I’m going out for some golden syrup later so I can make Nigella’s cinder toffee, or honeycomb as she calls it. again, I’m sure I’ll end up eating half of it.

  2. I use only white sugar in mine. The trick is that you have to boil it to about 240 degrees, otherwise known as the soft ball stage. You can do it by “look” as well, which is what I do. I tried making it with brown sugar last night and I find it actually acts differently. White sugar hardens better than brown. Possibly using molasses is what made the difference in yours?

  3. I feel for you. The calendar I ordered for my dad? Stuck somewhere in Kentucky, according to the tracking data I have…been there since 12/13!

    • How did it get to Kentucky? Was it shipping from there originally?
      This is actually the first time I’ve had shipping/ordering problems for my online gift shopping, so I should count myself lucky, I’m sure.

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