I have succumbed

US Airways was taunting me, I swear it, poking at my weak spots.

I have no will power.

And I am surrounded by enablers who encourage me by saying things like, “You should do it while you are young, in good health, and single.” And so forth.



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6 responses to “I have succumbed

  1. Anonymous

    Ooh! Captcha words: Hebrides Is that where??

  2. I want to know where too!

    • England. It was a close call, though, because US Airways just dropped the fare for RT to Madrid (via PHL or BWI), and I ❤ Spain. But I kind of feel like I need to visit some other places before I go back to my comfort zone.
      Am not sure exactly what my plan will be yet. There are some things in London I would like to see, but I’m thinking that maybe I’ll do a day or so at either end there and maybe visit Cornwall or Wales in the middle.

      • So when are you going? You’re quite the jetsetter!

      • Mid-late February.
        I have itchy feet. There’s a part of me that is SO ready to pick up and move, but the economy is so bad right now that I’m reluctant to make any huge geographical changes. So I’m assuaging that urge with leisure travel instead.
        As I told my sister, PBJ for lunch for the next two months, but travel is worth it 🙂

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