Thanks :)

Thanks for the holiday and travel wishes! I’m excited about the trip.

Despite the excitement, I’m feeling also feeling a little weird and whiney. Monday was my birthday, and it was maybe the 2nd or 3rd (out of 36) that I spent away from my twin sister. Usually, even if we aren’t together on the actual day, we celebrate it on Thanksgiving. (Yeah, it doesn’t matter what anyone else wants to do, Thanx is our holiday. Often we are just couch potatoes and book consumers together. Go to the movies, watch football, etc. As Mom puts it, we cling.) Not this year, though, because it was actually cheaper for me to fly to London than to Houston. (What is up with that?) I’m going to have fun, I know it, it’s just different.

Anyway, I hope everyone (who celebrates it this week) has a happy Thanksgiving!

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4 responses to “Thanks :)

  1. Oh that’s a bummer. Airline ticket prices are really crazy right now, bleh. I spent hours looking for tickets for this Christmas. Maybe you guys could do a postponed birthday celebration when prices aren’t so bad. 😦 Anyway, Happy Birthday and Happy Thankgiving!

    • Thanks for the bday and holiday wishes. Same to you!
      I’ll see her at Christmas, and maybe sometime in the spring. I’m just feeling whiney because it doesn’t feel like a real bday without her.

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