I’d like one of those, please

Figuring out what I really want to do/see on short trip to London. As Sir Walter Elliot says in the adaptation of Persuasion, I am for Bath. But what else am I doing? Overloaded with information from friends and colleagues. Go here, go there, you must do this or that! The variety of choices is paralyzing. [Rethink that — noun is variety rather than choices, is it singular or a count noun? Think singular.] So I’m starting with something easier — what am I taking to read on the flight? It has to be something I probably won’t mind leaving behind in a “book crossing” sort of way. Probably I’ll take a couple of the RWA books I haven’t managed to try.

Unrelated: on Ace of Cakes tonight, I saw that Mary Alice (who rocks) has a WTF? stamp. Want. It would be extremely useful for work. The risk would be overuse, actually. 😛

Also, Jack’s Mannequin on TDS tonight? Very, very good IMO. Must download a copy of Swim from iTunes, along with Them Crooked Vultures.

The subject line of an item in my spam folder asked if my love stick was hard enough. I did not realize anyone used “love stick” other than the authors of 80s bodice rippers, but I suppose spammers need to be innovative…


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6 responses to “I’d like one of those, please

  1. Bath is wondeful. You should take tea at the Pump room.

  2. So what types of things have been recommended to you? I’m still SO jealous that you’re going. I want to go back, I loved England and Wales.

    • WWII buff: all things related to the military; Dover; Canterbury; Salisbury; Tintagel; etc.
      Arty, bookish friends: the reading room at the V&A — ask to see/handle the Constable portfolio and the Milne portfolio; Charing Cross Road; Oxford and Bond Streets; Stratford; Oxford, specifically the Bodleian library.
      Plus the usual suspects: the Tower, Kensington, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, the National Galleries, etc. Also, Harrod’s and Fortnum & Mason.
      All of the recommendations are things I would like to do…but my visit will be short, so I need to whittle the list down. I’ve decided on one trip outside of London proper, to Bath. Planning to visit Wimbledon, and probably I’ll do the big touristy things like Big Ben and The Eye but the rest I need (this weekend!) to plot out using a map and guidebook.

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