SBD: December ebooks I’m looking forward to

Beth’s away in San Francisco, leaving us to our own devices for SBD.

I don’t have anything to say about what I’ve read lately, other than to reiterate my irritation with typos and sloppy copyediting. (See below for a recent tally.)

What I do have is a list of December ebook releases that I’m awaiting impatiently. Paper books? Eh. When I skimmed a list of December releases, nothing really jumped out at me except the reissue of an old Victoria Holt romance.

On my e-TBB list:
December 1: An Improper Holiday by K.A. Mitchell, a historical holiday novella. Summary and excerpt available here.
December 15: Lessons in Temptation by Charlie Cochrane, fifth Cambridge Fellows mystery.
December 22: The Dark Tide by Josh Lanyon, the fifth (and final) Adrien English mystery. There’s no "coming soon" page yet, but an unedited excerpt is available here.
December 22: The Cadaver Client by Frank Tuttle. Book 4 of the Markhat Files. Probably I should read books 2 and 3 before book 4 is released. The first book of the series, Dead Man’s Rain, was a free Kindle book and got me hooked.

The running list of blatant typos/copyediting misses in last read — yes, all from one book!

  • Waive and wave are not interchangeable.
  • Same for human and humane.
  • Diffuse and defuse not only do NOT sound the same, they have completely different meanings.
  • One may be a nervous wreck, not a nervous wreak.
  • There is no such thing as peppercini; there is peperoncini.
  • They probably tried to help the slower kid, not "they tired to help".
  • A baby doll tee is not the same as a halter top; having a character wear one at the beginning of the scene but the other at the end would only make sense if she changed clothing during the scene. But she didn’t.

Sentence that I read and loved in my current read: His hair was a marvelous haystack of auburn and orange. (A.M. Riley’s The Elegant Corpse.)



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7 responses to “SBD: December ebooks I’m looking forward to

  1. God, love love love that Riley. Gotta find time to reread and write review. KA Mitchell good (it’s KA Mitchell) but not brilliant. I’m holding out for Jae Sun’s book.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh, you’re reading Riley! I love her stuff.
    And I’d love a copy of whatever you have to send me.
    Kate R

  3. OK, I just spent the better part of an hour checking out Josh Lanyon instead of working. Must get the Adrien English books! Thank you for posting about him. πŸ™‚

    • You’re welcome πŸ™‚
      I feel a little ambivalent about Lanyon. His gay mysteries (Adrien English, plus a couple of other stand alones) work really well for me. Some of his m/m romances work not as well, though. I’m less engaged by the romance and the sex, and more engaged by the mystery and plotting. Haven’t been able to figure out if it is a function of changes in his writing style (gay mystery vs. m/m romance, with different tropes and audiences) or what.

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