Round up of random information

Happy stuff for the weekend:

~ Marg at Reading Adventures is organizing a Terry Prachett 2010 Reading Challenge. I’m embarrassed to admit that although I’ve some Pratchett TBR, I’ve never read past the first 20 pages. Perhaps I’ll join up 🙂

~ The last bit of The Biochemist’s birthday present has arrived, so I can wrap everything and mail it on Monday.

~ I’ve gotten slightly organized and boxed up about 50 books to take to Good Will for donation. (My local library branch isn’t taking donations right now.) Two small packages of books will be mailed out for an informal bookswap, too.

~ A beautiful quilt in green and blue, made by

for the Save Dave auction, arrived yesterday.

Not so great stuff for the weekend:

~ Granny is back in the hospital. She was severely anemic, and her doctor believes she may have developed an autoimmune problem because of the rapidity of the drop. [I’m a little peeved because Mom asked the nursing home to monitor her blood because this was a known concern after her last hospital stay, but the nursing home said it wasn’t necessary given her age and general state of health.] The hospital is limiting patients to two visitors due to the flu risk/spread, so I can’t visit.

~ Someone broke my car’s passenger side mirror. It was fine Friday night. This morning, I saw that it was broken. My car was parallel parked at the curb — it cannot have been hit by a passing car, but had to have been broken by a person on the sidewalk. And they had to have noticed when they did it, since it took a bit of force. I’m thinking it may have been the same neighborhood hoodlums who smashed my neighbor’s pumpkins and stole her flower pots.



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3 responses to “Round up of random information

  1. Anonymous

    My sister (who doesn’t really read) gave me a couple of Pratchett with the remark that they ‘seem like your sort of thing’. That, and the cartoony covers put me off reading him for ages, but when lack of anything else to read forced my hand, I discovered she was right. He has been such an auto-buy author for me since: I felt really sad the day Unseen Academicals was published.
    Just in case no-one has said – don’t start at the beginning of the series – the first two books are different in tone, because he’s playing with the formula of the fantasy genre by seeing what happens when the hero isn’t heroic. They’re not quite Discworld proper.
    ‘Guards, guards!’ is a good place to start: mid series, and the start of the City Watch set of books. Or ‘Going Postal’ – where a confidence trickster is sentenced to resurrect Discworld’s Postal Service.
    ‘The Truth’ where Discworld gets it’s first newspaper, is more or less a stand-alone, and a favourite of mine, but I always wonder how it reads in other countries. Things like the suggestively shaped vegetables seem so British: hard to believe other countries are equally puerile.
    I hope your grandmother gets the treatment she needs, and that she feels better soon.
    Marianne McA

    • Hi, Marianne McA!
      Thank you for the Pratchett recs and the best wishes for my gran. She’s getting better care now. My aunt, who is a health professional in an entirely different area, is pleased with her care at least, and she’s a stickler about that kind of thing.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for posting about the Pratchett challenge.
    Hope your grandma feels better soon.

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