SBD: that was your teaser?

For SBD:

First and foremost:  yay for Persuasion fans!

Second:  I’m disgruntled and disillusioned by the authors who continue to post over at Dear Author on Jane’s post about readers’ copyright rights, redirecting the conversation to piracy, which wasn’t the point of the post.  And by redirecting, they seem to be tacitly saying that it was okay for people to call Shayna Englin a thief, and to not recognize that multi-device use of Kindle accounts that complied with the terms of service were neither theft, piracy, nor deceptive, dishonest or a slippery slope toward piracy.

Piracy is wrong.  It is stealing.  Here’s the thing:  I don’t believe that every download of a pirated book is a lost sale to the author;  the vast majority of people who pirate would NEVER have purchased a legal copy, electronic or otherwise.  And likening ebook readers who want to share (compliant with the TOS of Kindle or Nook or whatever provider) to pirates is insulting and alienating.

It’s enough to make me give up buying anything new.

And the treacly call for a united front to combat piracy…I’m not sure that readers and authors can or should present a united front.  Readers can help combat piracy, sure, but readers’ interests in the share-ability or transfer of books and ebooks are different from those of authors.

Third: holy god, I read a teaser sample of an ebook last week that was horrendous.  In the sample, which contained one short story and part of a second and was probably the equivalent of 10 printed pages, I noticed the following:

  • a boarder between Texas and New Mexico (hmm, really, not a border?)
  • a burm (instead of berm)
  • who’s for whose (completely different parts of speech!)
  • you for your
  • utter lack of direct address commas
  • lack of commas to signal/separate clauses

The scary thing was that this was a compilation of a bunch of previously-released short stories.  So despite two opportunities for an editor to catch any of these spelling and grammar errors, they still made it to the final, published version.  Which makes me wonder:  did anyone edit this?  If they did, what must the original submission have looked like?

A sample like this is NOT going to sell ebooks.   [No, I didn’t buy the book to finish reading it.]

Beyond that, I downloaded this sample because of a review that gave the anthology a good grade.  There was *no* mention of the sloppiness, which makes me wonder about how reliable this reviewer is, in terms of matching her taste to mine. 

Last and not least, just to see if anyone is paying attention:  K.A. Mitchell’s Collision Course is out in trade paperback.  In honor of the release and one of the accident-prone heroes, the first person (located in USA or Canada, pls) to comment including their klutziest moment ever will get a copy of the book.

(Anti-FTC warning: any book mentioned in this post was purchased by me, or sampled via the Amazon TOS, or borrowed from the library.  The book I’m giving away will be purchased via an online bookseller and shipped directly.)

Also, because I watched the Root/Hinds version of Persuasion this past weekend:  A viscountess, she is a viscountess!



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14 responses to “SBD: that was your teaser?

  1. No, no, it’s: A vicountESS! She is a VicountESS!
    I’d post about my klutziest moment (does dropping an entire vacuum cleaner on my toe and breaking it, resulting in six weeks of crutches at the beginning of the semester count?) because I really really really want that book in book form, but that somehow feels like cheating. I have access to so many free books nowadays that it feels mean to take that amazing wonderful fantastic book from someone else who might not yet have read it.
    So, anyway…

    • Ouch. Broken toe by vacuum cleaner definitely counts.
      I loved Collision Course and want other readers to love it. A copy to you and to jperceval won’t break my budget, so if you’d like a hard copy, it’s yours. [The book moratorium earlier this month did *amazing* things to my book budget. It made me re-evaluate where I buy, formats, and the TBR.]

  2. OMG, what? A Viscountess? Who is?

    • Dowager Lady Dalrymple, the Elliots’ cousin in Persuasion is a viscountess. Anne Elliot’s sister gets bent out of shape because Anne is more interested in calling on her penniless friend as planned, instead of sucking up to said cousin. In the Root/Hinds adaptation of the book into a movie, Miss Elizabeth Elliot screeches at her sister, “A viscountess! She is a viscountess!”

  3. Mass redistribution, yeah, that’s definitely piracy, but I don’t regard loaning an eBook to a friend as piracy, but at the same time, when I’m loaned one, if I like it, I’ll likely buy it when it comes out in paperback.
    My most disastrous events generally result from my inability to get out of the way. The huge scar on my knee? Knocked down in the school yard in the 2nd grade by a kid rushing through our line to get to theirs. My broken pinky in the 4th grade? Quite large kid fell on me. The black eye I had a few years ago? Got elbowed by the mister while we were trying to clip Xander’s claws. I guess the biggest one that I did to myself was the scar on my chin — I was riding my bike to my summer camp job, but stupid me had a regular purse instead of a backpack…it came loose, caught in the wheel, and I went ass over teakettle over the handlebars to land, chin-first, on the sidewalk. Owie.
    Is Mitchell the same one who write Diving in Deep?

    • Oh, ouch, all of those sound painful! How did you not lose teeth, hitting the sidewalk chin first?
      My klutziest moment may have been taking a nose dive down the stairs (thanks, cat). Couldn’t move my next more than 90 degrees for about a week. Or maybe getting knocked over by a wave and then buffeted around, scraping my legs over rocks and sand. Scars down the front of my legs from knee almost to ankle from that.
      Yes, the same author. One of the main characters of Collision Course was a minor character in DiD. And a copy is yours πŸ™‚

      • I feel greedy, having won a Mitchell book from you before. Are you sure?
        A nose dive down the stairs? OW! I did have my feet slip out from under me on the stairs some time last year and I bumped down about 5 steps on my tailbone…and I couldn’t even blame the dogs for that one, that was all me. I’m apparently more of a klutz than I originally thought!

      • Sure! It’s on its way.

  4. Anonymous

    I was feeling lazy the day Jane did that post, so didn’t wade into the comments fray. Glad I didn’t now, because I probably would have burst a blood vessel.
    I’m one of those reviewers who won’t point out grammatical/editing nightmares unless they’re really glaring and/or prevalent. Going by the examples you gave? Yeah, I would have pointed them out in my review. Some of those are really, really bad. This coming from a girl no one would ever accuse of being a member of the grammar police.

    • I stayed out of that post until today, when someone gloated that Englin deserved to have her and her husband’s careers (political) damaged because she was an unethical thief. Saw red. I should’ve just ignored the troll.
      I notice misspellings and grammar mistakes, but normally not enough to comment on them unless they are really noticeable. That ebook was just sloppy. It felt like an unedited or prepublished manuscript that hadn’t been polished.

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